What is presence?

Presence is an indicator to your colleagues and to Cradle of your state of availability. It helps other team members know whether you're able to take a call or not. Cradle has four states of presence:

  • Available - I can take a call
  • Away - I might be able to take a calls, but I'm working on something else or I'm away from my desk right now 
  • Busy - I can't take a call because I'm on another one, in a meeting, etc
  • Offline - I am not working today and can't take a call

Setting your Presence

To set your presence, click on Settings and then click on your Ghost or profile picture. Choose your desired state. 

Automatic Presence

  • You're automatically set to Busy when you're on a call. You won't receive incoming calls. 
  • Whenever you come off a call, you automatically return to Available
  • By default, you will be set to Away after two minutes of no activity on your computer. You can change this time on the settings selection page. We recommend keeping this setting unless you have specific reason not to, as in our experience, people who are automatically away are 10 times less likely to answer a call!
  • When you shut down the app, your computer, or you lose internet, we will automatically set you to be Offline

Manually Set Options

  • If you manually set yourself to Away and you're high priority in a Role you will automatically be pushed lower down the priority list. Calls will go to people listed as Available first even if they are normally below you in priority. 
  • If you're going on annual leave, we recommend setting your status to Offline, closing the app, and enjoying your break!
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