BYOC (Bring Your Own Carrier) details

If you're interested in using Cradle's software, while using a local carrier for your calls, you can find our requirements here.


In order to start using BYOC, you'll need to confirm that the carrier can meet our requirements. From there, you can speak with us directly to connect us with the carrier so that we can pass the required information between ourselves and them.

BYOC cannot be configured through the admin/web portal and needs additional work so please let us know if this is your intention so that we can assist you.

Please note: BYOC is considered custom and is not included in any of the existing plans so may carry additional costs. We will quote you before proceeding so you can decide if this solution is right for you.

Specifications and requirements

In order to use Cradle with your own carrier (BYOC), you'll need to ensure that you have a Carrier partner that can send/receive SIP traffic directly to/from Cradle.

Calls can be sent to a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) that Cradle will provide (for example over the Public Internet.

All numbers must be sent in full E.164 format (e.g. +6498879333). Cradle will send numbers for Origination in E.164 format.

A-number passthrough is important for both origination and termination. Preferably, Cradle will be able to originate calls with both numbers purchased through your BYOC carrier (BYOC numbers) and numbers provided directly by Cradle (Cradle numbers). Cradle can go through a verification process with the BYOC carrier to prove ownership of Cradle numbers, so that they can be passed through as A-numbers where appropriate.

Cradle will send all SIP requests from a fixed FQDN, and a known set of IP addresses. This combination of FQDN and IP addresses (knowns as an ACL, Access Control List) will be the required authentication for calls originated by Cradle.

A fixed set of IP addresses must be provided for calls Terminating with Cradle, so that we can set up an ACL from which we will accept calls. SIP invite must be sent to a FQDN, as Cradle will not provide static public IP addresses. We can also provide a Username/Password to increase security for terminated calls.