Cradle Availability and Service Level

What level of uptime can you expect from Cradle?

Our own services

Cradle maintains a high level of service availability on our products and aims to provide continuously available services. We don't want you to ever miss a phone call. That said, things often happen that prevent this goal from being achieved, so our internal target is that our services as available for at least 99.95% of the time. 

We monitor any outages and aim to respond within one hour between 0800-2000 NZ Time, and within four hours outside these hours. We run redundant systems to ensure that we don't have a single point of failure, and aim to prevent complete outages rather than have to recover from them. 

Since we have been in business, we have not had an outage of our own services of more than 30 minutes, and we aim to continue to meet this target. 

Our supplier services

Cradle relies upon a network of third party services from various suppliers including Twilio, Symbio, Vocus, Google Cloud Platform and others. In the event that one or more of these suppliers have an outage, we will aim to help overcome the negative impacts of such an outage, however, these are beyond our control. 

Your existing services

Cradle also relies upon your existing networking (connection to the internet and your firewalls etc) as well as your authorisation provider (Google or Microsoft). From time to time these providers may have outages that prevent your users from accessing Cradle. 

We can help overcome some of the difficulties of these outages, but we are unable to rectify an outage in your chosen service provider. You will need to manage this outage with your IT team. 


Cradle doesn't enter into SLAs with customers without a specific agreement in place. No liability is accepted outside our standard terms of service