Cradle + HubSpot Workflow - Phone Call Attribution

With this workflow you attribute phone calls to specific calls-to-action from your campaigns.

In this instance, we have a campaign phone number, +1 514 613 4590, that we have put into an email nurturing campaign. We want to measure any calls that come through from this campaign. 

First, we need to set up custom phone marketing properties* to capture attribution of phone calls.

On contacts, create a property called Converted by phone call CTA as a Single-line text. 

Here, we have added this to a property group called Conversion information although you could add it to the Cradle property group.

CTA Conversion Property Screenshot

* HubSpot attribution fields are only accessible to the HubSpot tools for capturing attribution through the website analytics engine. 

We suggest keeping a Google Sheet, spreadsheet, confluence page or another document that maps your campaign phone numbers to campaigns for the time periods that they’re running. This will give you the ability to reuse phone numbers after a stand down period (we’d suggest one month).

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 1.06.30 PM


Create the following enrollment triggers with an AND between them:

Details of Last Cradle Call contains any of cradle_number:+15146134590 

(substitute your campaign phone number)

Details of Last Cradle Call contains any of direction:in

Create date is between [your date range]

Converted by phone call CTA is unknown


If these enrollment criteria are met, you want to set the Converted by phone call CTA to be your CTA value. In this case, our campaign is called September 2020 Nurture.

You could also have follow up actions relevant to you here.

CTA Attribution Workflow Screenshot