CRM Shortcut from Desktop

Note: this feature is currently under review due to low uptake
 - Any customers using CRM integration will have direct links
 - CRM integration will override this feature

If you have a CRM system that allows searches using phone numbers, you can insert a link into Cradle and then automatically search for your contacts by clicking on the phone number in Cradle. This is great if you answer a lot of calls and need to make notes in your CRM. 

How do I set it up?

To set it up, you need to first check that your CRM searches by inserting a query into the URL. For example, Xero's search feature inserts the search term into the URL like this:

Notice that the number 098879333 appears in the URL? To generate your specific URL, search for this phone number - 098879333 - in your CRM, then copy the URL, check it has 098879333 in it, and paste it into the CRM Link in Cradle. 

You will now see the search icon next to the number when you're on the phone, and clicking on it will search your CRM for that number. 


  • The search is for the international phone number, so if you don't use the international format in your CRM, you won't find any results. 
  • If you need help, we can walk you through it or check that your link is correct or compatible. 

Sample URLS - you can use these with little or no modification

Zoho CRM

  • BaseCRM
  • Workflow Max
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM