Customise Your Rule Voicemail Recording

Customise Cradle to suit your business by adding custom voicemail recordings for outside of business hours.

Every time a call is made to any Rule outside of business hours and only Voicemail is selected, an appropriate Cradle recording will be played by default. You can replace the default message with your own personalised recording. 

Record Your File

To set your custom recordings, first you will need to record them. We accept files in mp3 and wav format. If you need help for your particular computer, we recommend Googling. Note, that your finished file must end with either a .mp3 or .wav extension, and it must be less than 10 MB. If your recording is not in these formats you must convert it (do not change the file extension as this will not work).

Setting the Rule Voicemail

When a user calls a number it will be directed to a Rule. If that Rule has voicemail for any of during hours, after hours, or 24/7 a Cradle default voicemail will be played. To upload your personalised voicemail, follow these steps in

  1. Click on Rules
  2. Click the edit button for the Rule with a voicemail. 
  3. At the bottom, select during hours, after hours, or 24/7 as appropriate.
  4. Make sure voicemail is selected.
  5. Drag and drop the file you have just created onto the upload box.
  6. Enter the email for any voicemails for that rule to be emailed.
  7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 for all of your Rules.