Customise The Role Voicemail Recording

Add a custom voicemail for when a call is not answered by anyone in a Role.

Every time a call is put through to a Role, and it is not answered by anyone in that Role, an appropriate Cradle voice recording will be played by default. You can replace the default message with your own personalised recording. 

Record Your File

To set your custom recordings, first you will need to record them. We accept files in mp3 and wav format. If you need help for your particular computer, we recommend Googling. Note, that the finished file must end with either a .mp3 or .wav extension, and it must be less than 10 MB. If your recording is not in these formats you must convert it (do not change the file extension as this will not work).

Role Voicemail

If a user calls during hours and is put through to a Role (e.g., the sales team), but no one in that Role is available to answer, the caller will be put through to voicemail. To upload your custom voicemail message, follow these steps in

  1. Click on Roles and select a specific Role.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click choose files.
  3. Upload the file you have created from your computer and click save.
  4. Choose the from the users in your account who you want to receive the voicemail by email.
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for each Role in your account.