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Desktop Audio Settings for Listening to Voicemail

Make sure that your headset is set up to listen to voicemail messages - Windows 7

All voicemail messages are sent by email to a user in your account. See Adding Custom Recordings for how to setup voicemail messages and to whom they are sent.

To listen to Voicemail you may need to adjust two settings for Windows 7: Your Jabra (or other headset) settings to make sure your headset can play computer audio and your computer sound settings to make sure the computer is playing sound through the headset. 

Headset Settings


  1. Open Jabra Direct
  2. Select Device settings
  3. Open Softphone (PC) section, and scroll down to PC audio selector
  4. Choose Automatic, and then click Apply
Gif Jabra Direct Audio

Other Headset

If your headset is capable of being configured, please ensure it is setup to play computer audio.

Computer Sound Settings

  1. Open your computer's sound mixer by clicking on the speaker in the tray (next to the clock), and clicking Mixer
  2. Ensure the volume is turned up for the program you're using to playing the sound. For example Chrome (if your default browser is Chrome) or Windows Media Player (if your default browser is IE). 
  3. Underneath the Speakers option, Choose Jabra Pro 930 (or your headset model)
  4. Close the mixer by clicking the red cross - you're all set to go!

Now you can listen to your voicemail by clicking the link in your email. These settings should stay saved for all future voicemail unless you or another program alters them. 

Example in Chrome

Chrome Listen

Example in Internet Explorer

IE Listen