Calling a Group

You're now able to call a group internally, even if you're aiming to transfer a call to them.

Calling a Group as a Cradle user is a very convenient way of speaking to a colleague about a particular topic, when you don't need to speak to a certain person. 

If, for example, you have a question about an invoice for a customer, you can dial the 'Accounts' team, and your call will be handled in the same way as a customer call that has been directed to this Group. 

To access the feature, click on the team icon at the bottom of the desktop app, and either scroll down to find the Group, or type the name of the Group. 

Desktop: Group CallGroups are identified with the icon that has four boxes inside it. 

Click on the dial icon to the right of the screen to call everyone in that Group. 

Transferring to a Group

You can also blind transfer a call to a Group. If you've received a call for 'the sales team' and the caller has no preference about who they speak to, you can transfer the call to that team as if they'd selected sales on a voice menu. 

To transfer the call to a Group using the Desktop app, click on the transfer button during a call, type the name of the Group you want to transfer the caller to, and then click on the transfer icon. The call will be immediately blind transferred to that group. 

Transfer a phone call to a Group