How do I cancel my account?

We'd love you to stay, but understand Cradle might not be right for everyone.

Contractual Requriements

We don't ever want you to leave us but if you choose to we won't hold you back. Once you notify us you want to move on, service will run until the end of your agreed notice period and any outstanding charges will be charged to your credit card.

If you committed to annual renewals in return for cheaper pricing, you will need to cancel at your renewal date or pay a break fee for early cancellation. We recommend checking the proposal for service that you signed at the beginning, as well as the Terms of Use (specifically section 12) available on our website. 

Porting Out

You can initiate a port of your number to a different provider at any time. Cradle will do nothing to stop you from porting your number out. Please note that porting out your number doesn't remove any obligations you may have under your agreements with Cradle.

We recommend coordinating the porting date of your number with your billing cycle, and notifying Cradle in writing when you're planning to port your number, and any desired porting date. Simply email and let us know your plans. 

How to begin?

Cradle cannot port your number out for you - you must initiate this process with your new provider. They will have specific requirements and documentation, which may include secret codes, porting pins and other documentation. Once you have the requirements from your new carrier, you can ask us to provide these for you. 

What happens after I cancel?

Once you cancel Cradle, your account will sit in a closed state for 30 days, during which it may be possible for you to contact us and have your account reinstated. This is a best-effort service, and you may not be able to retrieve any phone numbers that were in your account at the time. Your user data, calling history and other information will largely remain available. We may charge a fee for this manual restoration. 

After between 30 and 60 days, your account will be permanently deleted and cannot be reinstated. You will have to sign up for a new account if you wish to continue using Cradle. 

Once deleted, most of your data is also deleted. 

Deleted data

  • User accounts, including emails, OAuth IDs
  • Call history per user
  • Any data added to Cradle from integration partners 
  • Records of contacts from integration partners
  • Financial data including billing addresses, credit card charging tokens
  • Call recordings

Data that is kept

The following data is kept to meet our financial and invoicing obligations. This data doesn't include any personally identifiable information. 

  • History of phone calls (and the numbers at each end of the phone call)
  • Length of each call
  • Time and date of call
  • Invoice history, including when and how much was paid, and what the invoices were for

Data that remains on third-party systems

  • All data that is sent by Cradle to integration partners, such as call records and created contacts will remain in those systems
    • Data that references Cradle's systems from within those integration partners, such as call recordings, will be deleted and stop working.