How do I update an email address?

Email addresses change for your team from time to time, so you'll need to update this in Cradle as well.

Email address changes

Sometimes team members require a change to their email address. This could be due to a name change, or a domain change like the following:

  • to
  • to

When this happens, Cradle will need to be updated so that the person can login to Cradle with their new details and receive any voicemail emails to their new email address.

Updating the email address in Cradle

As of writing, the email address update needs to be done manually by our team. This is a simple process, you just need to let our team know by emailing, chatting with or calling us, or submitting a support ticket here.

It's best to let us know before the change happens on your side so that we can update Cradle in tandem with your internal change.

Removing the old and adding the new

As you're not able to update the email address for a team member in the Cradle admin site at the moment, it may appear that you need to remove the user and then add them again with the new email address.

Please refrain from doing this as this has a chance to cause errors, along with removing any user reports and data from the person.