How does Cradle match up my HubSpot contacts?

There may be duplicate contacts or phone numbers inside HubSpot, Cradle helps you keep this clean and tidy.

Contact Matching: Handling Duplicate Contacts

We understand that maintaining the data quality of your CRM can be challenging. Data isn’t perfect, and sometimes you’ll end up with phone numbers associated with multiple contacts or a company.

Best Practice Tip: Add company phone numbers to the company in HubSpot; add personal
numbers (DDIs and mobiles) to contacts.

When you receive a phone call, we look up any matches for the phone number in HubSpot. If we have one match, we show you that contact. If we have multiple matches, the table below will help you understand how we decide which records to display.

Matching Algorithm


We are constantly evolving our matching algorithm to ensure the name and phone number match, however, given we are dependant on the quality of HubSpot information we may get it wrong from time to time. For those times, please be prepared to talk to someone other than the name on the incoming call.

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 10.27.10

We also flag that a call was received from a duplicate phone number against the contacts that matched that number inside HubSpot. You can drive automation off this; such as ensuring that you don’t send email follow-ups to multiple people following a phone call.