Making a call on the iOS app

Making A Call

There are three easy ways to call people on the Cradle iOS app. You can dial their number from the keypad, select them from the contacts list and click their number, or click on the phone icon in your call history for people you have spoken to recently. 

Dialling A Number

Pull up the keypad by clicking on the Keypad icon at the centre of the navigation bar at the bottom of the app. Enter the number (using the area code, or for international calls using the international format). The country you are dialling in local format from is shown at the top of the page. 

For example, to dial Cradle from New Zealand, dial 09 887 9333. To dial Cradle from Australia, dial +64 9 887 9333. Click the purple dial button to call the number. 

Dialling from the Cradle Keypad

Dialling a Contact or Recent Call

Select the Contacts or Calls tab, and then click on the contact you want to call. Click on the phone number you want to dial to dial that person. 



Note: make sure that the phone number has the country code if the person is in a different country to your default country. 

Dialling a Team Member

Click on the Team tab. Locate the team member you want to call and click on their name. You can search this list by both name and role to help find people more quickly.