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Setting up your Jabra Headset

Make sure your Jabra is set up to work properly with Cradle

In order to get the most from Cradle and Jabra, make sure that you set up your headset for optimum performance. 

How do I set it up?

Use Jabra Direct on a Windows or Mac computer to set up the headset. 

What needs to be changed?

  1. Download and run the Jabra Direct file. 
  2. Ensure your headset is connected. Select the headset on the bottom part of the app, and then choose Device settings
  3. Under Headset, we recommend setting Audio Protection (SafeTone) to Basic protection unless you're always wearing your headset  
  4. You can also alter the ringtone, whether or not audio will play through the headset (for example music). 
  5. Click Apply - the headset will probably restart. 
  6. You can now close Jabra Direct. You're all set!
Gif Jabra Direct Setup