Some things to know about Android

A few tricks, limitations and quirks

Android is fantastic. It allows a multitude of ways for developers and phone manufacturers to modify the operating system and maximise the user experience for their customers. 

Sadly, this creates headaches for companies like Cradle, so we want you to know of a few limitations we have so you don't find yourself getting frustrated. 

Security Software

Some corporate Android phones are provided to staff with security software on them. These control websites that can be visited, apps that can be installed, and the level of access that these apps have to necessary functions. 

If you have any security monitoring software on your Android device, please let us know which software you use, who monitors it, and what it does. We will contact your provider to make sure that Cradle is whitelisted and works on your devices. 

Multiple Calls

Cradle doesn't currently allow you to be on two Cradle calls at the same time, but what about a normal mobile call (let's call it a GSM call) and a Cradle call at the same time?

We do allow this. It's a great feature that means if you're on a GSM call and you get a work call through Cradle, you will feel your phone vibrate. You can choose to ignore, decline (red button) or answer (green button) this call. 

The same applies for being on a Cradle call and receiving a GSM call. 

However! Please be aware that when you are on two calls, both parties will be able to hear you. They won't be able to hear each other, but they will both be able to hear you.

Allow Simultaneous

[On Android 5.x, 6.x and 7.x] If you don't want this to happen, we have an option you need to hear about! On the settings slide out page, you can turn off a feature called Allow Simultaneous. Once this is turned off you can't receive calls while you're on the phone. The person calling will be sent to voicemail if they're calling your mobile, or to where ever your Cradle admin has set calls to go if they're calling you through Cradle. 

Bluetooth Quirks

On versions of Cradle for Android 1.2.0 and below, we had issues with Bluetooth becoming disconnected. This problem has been fixed, so if you're experiencing the issues described below please go to the Play Store and upgrade to the latest version of Cradle for Android. 

Under the following circumstances, Bluetooth headsets will become disconnected from Cradle:

  • You receive an inbound call through another app
  • You decline an inbound call through another app
  • You answer an inbound call through another app 

In order to get your Bluetooth headset up and running again, you will need to click the Speaker button, select Built-In Speaker, and then select your Bluetooth device again.

We're working on a better solution to all of these problems; if you've got an idea why not flick us a message using Intercom!