Get Cradle working with Streamline

If your business is currently using Streamline, you may need to add a few things to the whitelist to ensure Cradle works smoothly!

Cradle Application

Cradle is a calling application that is installed to your computer and/or your mobile device (Android or iOS). You may need to know where these application settings are held so the directories are as follows.



The Windows application can be installed either for every user on the computer, or just individual users


~/Library/Application Support/Cradle


Cradle uses the Twilio voice services to connect you with your customers. As a result of this, there is a voice gateway used worldwide. Below is the IP range that will need to be whitelisted in order to allow voice traffic throughout the Twilio network.

UDP Traffic

The server side port used for RTP will be between 10,000 and 60,000, and the client side port will be between 1,024 and 65,535. 

Signalling and Call Setup

Whitelist TCP traffic to the following addresses:

You can find more of our networking guidelines here.

Jabra Headsets

If you have purchased Jabra headsets, we will work with you to setup a managed package of configuration for these headsets.

You will need to install a program called Jabra Direct on your computers that will connect through their Jabra Xpress service to allow managed settings and updates of the Jabra headsets that you're using.

We will provide you with the install files that are connected to your specific configuration of the software.

You will then need to have the URL for your configuration whitelisted in your Streamline service. It will take the format of the URL below.[Your unique configuration ID]

Additional Domains to Whitelist

The Cradle applications and websites (admin portal) also include a range of different services from a number of providers to offer you support and to provide the calling service. Included below is a list of domains that you should whitelist including their subdomains as necessary.

  • * - Our domain. This consists of all of our websites that includes of our help site and admin portal. Specifically, these are for the help site, and for the admin site.
  • * - As mentioned above, Twilio is what we use to provide the calling service.
  • * - Jabra is our headset partner and their software is included in our applications to ensure the integration between the headset and Cradle works correctly.
  • * and - HubSpot is used on our help site and admin sites to provide documentation and chat support on those sites.
  • * - Cradle downloads some files directly from Twilio, so as DTMF (tones for keypad presses)
  • * - Google APIs are used for our real-time data transfer used by both presence and the call log. If your computer is unable to get to these URLs (e.g. Cradle won't work on your computer. 
  • * - Google Analytics is used to help us understand how our app is being used so that we can improve your experience. 
  • * - Log Rocket is used to help us improve the user experience on our app, and to debug specific issues when they occur


We're more than happy to answer any other questions you may have about how to ensure Cradle works with your IT and network setup. Reach out to us on chat, or give us a ring.