What does Cradle + HubSpot do with my contacts and companies?

Cradle + HubSpot interact with each other to present information about your contacts and companies during, and after, calls.


The Contacts and Companies integration is available on our Standard and Enterprise plans and brings all of your HubSpot contacts into Cradle. This means you can dial any contact or company by typing their name in Cradle (as long as they have a number associated to them in HubSpot). During or after a call you can quickly see who you’re talking to and with a click, open that contact record in HubSpot. On the Enterprise plan you can also add new contacts to HubSpot during or after a phone call, directly through the Cradle desktop app.

Specific properties

The integration between Cradle and HubSpot brings across all of your contacts and companies that have at least one phone number.

We bring in all phone numbers (in the properties listed below) as well as:
● Contact name
● Associated company name
● Contact owner
● Lifecycle stage
● And a link to launch the contact directly in HubSpot

The integration also creates custom properties to allow storage of (and reporting on) more than one phone number.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 3.57.42 PM

Please do not delete any of these custom properties whilst you have Cradle integrated with HubSpot.

HubSpot Information Flow Horizontal