What if your team are going on holiday?

Stop calls being sent to your team temporarily

When someone on your team is going on holiday or is on sick leave we recommend taking these two steps to let them enjoy their break in peace!

  1. Remove them from any Groups that you have calls going to
  2. Ask them to set their presence to Offline

Remove them from a Group

  1. Log into the admin website and go to Groups.
  2. Locate the groups that you send calls to for this person and click the edit button
  3.  Click the cross next to their name in any of the boxes they are listed.
  4. Make sure that you have someone in the group still and that someone is in priority box 1.
  5. When they return simply add them back to the groups they need to be in. 

Set their presence to offline

The person needs to do this themselves but it's easy. 

  1. Head to Settings on any of the apps.
  2. Click on the status (e.g., Available). 
  3. Change the presence to Offline. 
  4. Remind them to set themselves back to available when they're back.

Note that if they make a call from Cradle while offline Cradle will automatically put their status to Online after the call, they will need to repeat steps to change their status again.