Why can't I call international numbers?

Have you been trying to dial international numbers but can't get through?

Cradle automatically restricts outbound calls to a number of international numbers. This is to prevent fraudulent calls from being made. 

If your calls are being blocked, you'll be getting a message saying that you don't have permission to call that country. If this is the case, please follow the instructions below to have toll-bars for these countries removed.

Please note, some countries incur a per-minute rate as per our pricing information

Request New Countries

To request new countries be added to your account, please submit a request on this page

Why can't I call China specifically?

Because of strict regulation on calls into China, all calls will be automatically blocked. If you have a specific need to call China, please contact us as we may be able to put together a case with you to have calling to China enabled.

Please note, the minimum requirement for putting a case together is that the calls need to be at least three minutes on average.