XPM Integration FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our XPM integration


Can I connect two XPM Practices to Cradle?

At the moment we only integrate with one XPM Practice at a time. 

How do I open XPM when I'm in a call?

Once you have answered a call, click on the caller's name to launch XPM directly to that client (Cradle desktop app only) 

Can I see call information in XPM?

No, at this point we are only pulling client phone number details into Cradle from XPM. 

How long will it take my contacts to go from XPM to Cradle?

When you first connect Cradle to XPM, you will need to manually sync your contacts to the desktop app by going to Settings ⚙> Sync Contacts.
After the first sync your contacts will sync every 24 hours or every time your start the Cradle app, whichever happens first. 

How do I disconnect Cradle from XPM?

To disconnect, visit the integrations page in Cradle and click Disconnect. More information is available on our help site, including step by step instructions. You can also disconnect from within XPM. 

If I disconnect XPM do you delete XPM contacts from Cradle?

Yes, client contact data is removed when you disconnect. 

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