How does Cradle's pricing work?

Trying to work out how much you'll save moving to Cradle?

Cradle has a customer friendly policy when it comes to pricing. Simplicity and transparency are things we focus on. 

Cradle has flat rate plans. Why?

  • You know what you'll pay each month
  • We believe that using the phone is a much more effective way of communicating so cost shouldn't be a barrier to picking up the phone
  • Fairness: we aren't trying to trick you into paying more than you need to

What do we bundle up?

  • Unlimited calls* to landlines and mobiles in 20 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Republic of Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States
  • A complete phone communications system: phone numbers, phone calls, software to help your team answer and make calls, voicemail, help with customised setup of your own call routing to suit your businesses needs, customer support when you're searching for solutions
  • Integrations! We are working on new integrations to help route calls to the right person more often. 
  • Reporting - see how your phones are working well, and have tools to help you make them even better. 

What about my current providers?

Cradle replaces most components of your current phone system setup. Right now, you possibly have at least two or three companies providing what Cradle can do:

  • Phone line service provider (such as Spark or Vodafone)
  • Phone system provider (such as Ericsson-LG or similar)
  • Phone system technicians
  • Headset providers
  • Possibly a VoIP provider for international calling

Cradle replaces all of these providers. You may have outstanding contracts with some providers, so make sure you are aware of these before you switch them off. 

How much will it cost me to change?

In an effort to reduce clutter, complication and learning requirements we try to maximise use of current hardware. Our service runs on your team's current smart phones (iOS and Android) and computers (macOS and Windows), to limit any upfront costs like purchasing hardware or having technicians over to your office. 

We have tried to keep our setup process easy, fast, and user friendly so that you don't lose any business moving. You will get the benefits of using Cradle with less than 20 minutes of setup. 

So - moving to Cradle will be a low cost and high return exercise for you!

Are there any extras?

Yes and no. We try to bundle as much value into our plans as we can, however some things cost a lot. If you want toll free numbers and a range of international features you'll need to get in touch and discuss these with us directly. 

Toll free numbers: 

  • Get in touch

Extra local numbers: 

  • $5 per month plus GST
  • We also allow you to sign up, grab a number, and hold onto this number beyond your free trial for $5 per month. You can't use it but you can get your business cards printed, make sure you are all set, and not spend the world on it. 

Call Recording

  • $0.05 per minute (NZD and AUD, please get in touch for pricing in other currencies).
  • Call recording includes 12 months storage in HubSpot, or 30 days in your call log.
  • Pricing is per minute and part thereof.
  • Call recording is in addition to standard call charges, if any; for example calls in addition to fair use and outside our 21 unlimited destinations. Charging applies to inbound calls as well as outbound calls.

Am I committed?

We think you'll love Cradle. We don't ever want you to leave us but if you choose to you won't owe us another dollar. Once you notify us you want to move on, service will run until the end of your current billing month. During this time you can initiate a port of your number to a different provider. If the port doesn't complete before the end of your current billing cycle you might need to pay for another month for one user. 

We don't allow numbers on trial to be ported out. 

* All usage is subject to our Fair Use Policy