We recommend using a headset with our desktop app like a headset from the Jabra Engage Range or the Jabra Evolve Range. We can supply these for our customers at competitive prices. 


If the headset you have or buy does not have a ringer option then your computer must have speakers in order to make an audible ringing sound when you're not wearing your headset. 

If your computer doesn't have speakers, we keep a small stock of USB speakers that can be used for the incoming call ring tone. 


Dense office layout with many calls

Less dense office layout

Budget option

Old fashioned option

  • Handset 450 (for those who like to hold something, no ringer)

Speakerphone option

  • Speak 710 (expensive option, can pair up for larger meetings)
  • Speak 510 (cheaper option)

Audio Source Setup

Please view the Desktop App Audio Source Setup page. 

Jabra Headset Setup

If you have a Jabra Headset, please see our setup guide for best configuration. 

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