Cradle installation for IT Administrators

If you're needing to roll out/install Cradle from an IT admin perspective for a whole organisation, this is a good place to start.


Please note this is technical information for IT admins. To install Cradle on your Windows machine, please visit the Windows Store here

For Windows users, Cradle is supplied in the form of an appx bundle. This is the file format that Microsoft provide on the MS Windows Store. 

If you're trying to script the installation or install it on Windows Server 2016, you can download the signed app package here.

The current version available at this link is 2.0.24, released on 30-September, 2021.

Full change-log can be found here.

Installation Options

You can install the appx bundle in several ways. We will give high level advice here, but we recommend that you install the app according to your own practices and policies.

Please note that any previous versions prior to the MS Store version (14.4.1 and earlier) must be uninstalled from the PC before installing this version. The Cradle directory in the Roaming folder should also be removed.

UI Installation

You can simply download the app link above, and double click to install the appx. This requires Windows 10 (and won't work unless the store is available) 

Installing with Powershell

You can install the app using the Add-AppxPackage command in the PowerShell. We'd suggest reading through the MS documentation to find the most appropriate method of installation for your business. 

PS C:\> Add-AppxPackage -Path "C:\Users\\Desktop\Cradle.appx"