Cradle installation for IT Administrators

If you're needing to roll out/install Cradle from an IT admin perspective for a whole organisation, this is the information you need!

Please note this is technical information for IT admins

We don't have an .msi installer package but here are some options for scripting our .exe installer

The installer is built using NSIS and supports the flags documented in section 3.2 here -

The /S flag installs Cradle silently, on silent mode it installs using the default settings which is for the current user only.

For example

Cradle+Setup.exe /S

The /D flag can be used to set the directory. It can be used with or without the /S flag. You probably want it silent though

For example this will silently install Cradle to C:\mydir

Cradle+Setup.exe /S /D=C:\mydir

This will silently install Cradle for all users on the machine if you have the Windows default directories

Cradle+Setup.exe /S /D="C:\Program Files\Cradle"