How can I invite my team?

Want to know how to get your team set up and running with Cradle?

Adding People

You can add people to Cradle that have a Google Workspace or a Microsoft Business 365 account. Once invited they will be able to use the Cradle mobile and desktop apps. If they need to manage the phone system settings, see Make and Remove Admin below. 

  1. Sign into Cradle and go to People.
  2. Click on Add Person to invite people from your team. 
  3. You will be asked to add their name, email address, and their default caller ID.
  4. Once invited, they will receive an email with instructions on downloading the apps. 

Make and Remove Admin 

Admins are able to log into the web app that allows them to set up the phone system, choose phone numbers, add and remove people and change other settings. If you want others to tinker with the phone system settings make them an admin. Click on the edit button for the person and enable Make Admin

If you want to prevent people from making changes to the settings, make sure they're not an admin. 

Note, invited people will be considered people with regards to your pricing plan, including yourself as an admin.

Disabling Users

If you want to stop someone from making or receiving calls click on the edit button for that person and click Disable this person. 

Not on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 Business?

If you don't use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 Business, give us a call. 

                            Setup Step 4: Creating roles