How do I create Roles?

Help your customers find the right person quickly

Once you've invited your team you need to create roles in Cradle so that we can direct your customers to the right person or group of people when they call. Roles can be used in a voice menu to help your customers find someone with the right skill set quickly. 

Creating, Renaming, and Removing Roles

Creating Roles

Select Roles and then click Add Role. 

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There are four predefined roles (Support, Sales, Accounting and Reception), but you can add your own by selecting Custom and typing a name. Click Add and the role is created!

Renaming a Role

edit role

To rename a role, select the role and then hover your mouse over the name of the role. A pencil will appear. Click on this to rename the role. 

Removing a Role

To remove a role, select the role and then hover your mouse over the name of the role. A dust bin will appear. Click on this to delete the role. This doesn't delete the people in the role. 

Adding People and Priority

What is Priority?

Part of adding people to a role is deciding how you want calls to be distributed amongst your team. This is called setting the Priority.

There are three boxes on a roles page. They are labeled 1, 2 and 3. The people in box 1 are the people who will receive calls for this role first. The people in box 2 will receive calls second, and so on. 

If you add everyone to box 1, their phones will all ring at the same time. If you add people to box 1 and 2, the people in box 1 will all be tried together, and then the people in box 2 will be tried (if nobody in box 1 answers the call). 

We will adjust the order of people in a role based on information that we have at the time a call comes in. For example, if someone has set their presence to away, we make an adjustment similar to moving them down a box (for example, moving them from box 1 to box 2). 

Why? Our job is to get a customer's call answered as quickly as possible, by the most appropriate person, without interrupting anyone who doesn't need to be interrupted. 

How to add people

To add people, click into the appropriate box and type the name of the user you want to add to that role. 

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Removing people

To remove a person from a role, click the X next to their name on the page for that role.


Voicemail is set at the Role level. At the bottom of the Roles page, you can upload a voicemail message for each Role, and you also select the destination email when a message is left. 

For details on uploading custom voicemail, see our article on how to customise recordings

                            Setup Step 5: Call routing                        


Check out this article for a full breakdown on Role reports.