How do I route calls?

What do you want to happen when your customers call?

Routing Overview

Routing gives you flexibility when routing calls for multiple numbers. 

The three most common ways to configure Routes are when you have unique numbers for teams in different geographic areas, or when you have unique numbers for different functions, such as sales and support, or you have direct dial numbers for specific team members.

  • Each Route can have one or many numbers. When your customers call any of these numbers for a specific Route the call will be routed according to how you set it up. You can set your business hours then send calls to a Voice Menu, a Role, a User DDI, Voicemail, or a Number (such as a third party answering service). These options are available both during and after hours.

Setting Up Routes

  1. Go to our website and click on Routing
  2. Click on Add Route in the top right and give the Route a name

Set Business Hours

  1. Choose the Route from the menu at the top
  2. Choose between 24/7 (you will only have routing for during hours) or specific hours. 
  3. Select the timezone and then choose the open and close time for each day.


During Business Hours Routing Options

Next set how a call will be routed during business hours:

  1. Select During Hours
  2. Choose either Role, Voice Menu, User DDI, Voicemail or Number (see descriptions and settings below)


If you choose Role, all calls are immediately sent to a specific Role that can have one or many people and priority. This option can give the appearance of faster service, however the customer may end up needing to be transferred in order to speak with the right person.

To set up, select this option and then the Role the call will be forwarded to. 


Voice Menu

A voice menu is the familiar greeting with options when you call a business. For example, when your customers call, they could be greeted with "Hi! Welcome to Cradle. We'd love to help but first we need to know who you'd like to speak to. For customer support, please press one. For Sales, please press two. For anything else, please press zero. Thanks!" 

Each option can direct the caller to a Role, a user, a number, or a voicemail.

You can also have an option for what happens when the caller presses nothing/holds the line.

  1. Select voice menu
  2. Add a keypress number 
  3. Add a corresponding option to forward the call to when the caller presses that number.


When you have selected Voice Menu, a computer will read out the menu you created by default. To setup your own voice recording, check out how to customise recordings. With complex voice menus, we'd really recommend you do your own recording to add personalisation and a bit of flair!

Please note: If you chose for the call to go to a number (third party), that number won't be read out by the default computer voice. It could be then used as a secret option in the voice menu. You could let specific people know that it's there and able to be pressed in emergencies.

User DDI

A user DDI is basically how you can hold on to any existing DDIs you may already have, or create new ones. You can grab a number from the Numberpage, then create a Route that has User DDI selected. From there if you select the User you want from the drop down menu, now all calls to that number will go straight to that person.

If you wish to port any existing DDIs, check out our porting article for details.


If you select this option all calls to that route will go straight to voicemail and then have the voicemail emailed to the person of your choosing.

For info about custom voicemail recording, have a look at this article.


You can send calls to a number outside of Cradle perhaps as an emergency number, or to a third party answering service. To do this, just select Number and enter the number you want to have this route dial. The number needs to be in E.164 format, so +64271234567 as an example.

After Business Hours Routing Options

If you have not selected 24/7 business hours, you will need to set After Hours routing.

After business hours you have the same options as During Hours. This means you can get quite complex with how Cradle handles your calls!

                            Setup Step 6: Setting up your numbers