HubSpot workflows and automation with Cradle?

We've got you covered with a bunch of examples on how you can get started with some automation off the back of calls in HubSpot.

Automation and Workflows

There are almost unlimited ways that you can automate tasks after phone calls, but we have put together four examples of workflows that will speed up your working week. (Please note your access to such features will depend on your subscription level with HubSpot)

  1. Setting a task and sending a notification to a contact owner when a call is missed from one of their contacts 
  2. Setting attributions fields when leads call one of your campaign phone numbers
  3. Ensuring an SLA is met when a phone call is missed or a voicemail is left
  4. Sending a contact a welcome email if they call one of your campaign phone numbers

These four examples have been set up for contacts using a blank Contact Workflow, but you will need to do them for both contacts and companies to ensure you’re covering all cases.